• • Empower people on the spectrum to reach their full potential with yogic tools
    • Train quality teachers through Samadhi Spectrum Trainings
    • Provide schools and other facilities with Samadhi Spectrum Teachers
    • Create facilities based on yogic communities (ashrams)
    • Provide support for caretakers and parents
    • Teach individuals on the spectrum and their families a yogic lifestyle, including diet, asana practice (postures), meditation and pranayama practice (breathing techniques)


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Samadhi Spectrum Training

Samadhi Spectrum Trainings were designed to provide the tools needed to teach individuals on the Autistic Spectrum.  In addition, Ashrams for Autism employs graduates and provides them with teaching opportunities throughout the community.

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The July Samadhi Spectrum Training was a complete success.

Please stay tuned for testimonials.

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